It's probably me - but I don't understand the workflow

Problems with OSX 10.x

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It's probably me - but I don't understand the workflow

Postby Offline » Fri Jun 18, 2010 1:55 am

I have AI Studio (Nikon LS-50) and HDR Studio.
I don't understand the correct process for either product nor do I understand how they work together, with the end product going into Lightroom or Photoshop.There are no workflow charts and no books (that are less than 6 years old) that describe how to use the product to it's best advantage.

I've seen great reviews, but I can't get results.

The movies don't help me. I have a neurological disability and I can't learn that way. I need a printed manual at my side that I can follow, step-by-step, with detailed explanations available - until I understand how to use it correctly.

I would add CannoScan to the scanners as I have 2x2 slides and negatives to be imaged, but - at this point - v**s**n is easier to use and I have that too.

I would like to have not wasted my money because of a lack of proper documentation.

Has anyone got something that can help? A flowchart? A current MANUAL?

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Re: It's probably me - but I don't understand the workflow

Postby LSI_Luebker » Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:39 pm

Dear Customer,

there is an update addendum for our Manual: ... -07-01.pdf
The Original Manula can be found here:
best regards,

Thomas Luebker,
LaserSoft Imaging AG

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