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Posted: Fri May 13, 2005 5:42 pm
by djstein3
I deleted all files and preferences associated with the older version of AI, reinstalled this one, and it worked.

Tiger and Umax 4500

Posted: Sat May 14, 2005 3:19 pm
by HeckMeck
Hi guys,
my Umax 4500 Scanner isn't working with Tiger.
I'm using SF Launcher D-2.0.8 and Silverfast SE v6.4.1r7d.
The start screens appears, the scanner is respnding for a second, after that the application crashes.
Even a clean reinstall doesn't fix this behavior.

Here is the crash report:
Date/Time: 2005-05-14 16:10:01.750 +0200
OS Version: 10.4 (Build 8A428)
Report Version: 3

Command: SF Launcher
Path: /Applications/SilverFast Application/SF Launcher/Contents/MacOS/SF Launcher
Parent: WindowServer [61]

Version: 2.1.0 (???)

PID: 388
Thread: 0

Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001)
Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0001) at 0xa1b1c1f3

Thread 0 Crashed:
0 <<00000000>> 0xfffeff18 objc_msgSend_rtp + 24
1 Avsion Inc. 0x007fc93c FindScanner + 1756
2 Astra4500_Library 0x0170ad94 FindOSXDriverBundle__FPCc + 84
3 Astra4500_Library 0x016ff394 InitializeDriver + 52
4 SilverFast (Umax Astra-SE) 0x047974a8 0x45e3000 + 1787048
5 SilverFast (Umax Astra-SE) 0x047841fc 0x45e3000 + 1708540
6 SilverFast (Umax Astra-SE) 0x046efb94 0x45e3000 + 1100692
7 SilverFast (Umax Astra-SE) 0x0461a4ac 0x45e3000 + 226476
8 SilverFast (Umax Astra-SE) 0x0461d6b8 0x45e3000 + 239288
9 SilverFast (Umax Astra-SE) 0x045e806c 0x45e3000 + 20588
10 SF Launcher 0x000c737c callAcquireProc__FPFsP13AcquireRecordPlPs_vsP13AcquireRecordPlPs + 92
11 SF Launcher 0x000c5bf4 doOneAcquire__FPFsP13AcquireRecordPlPs_v + 132
12 SF Launcher 0x000c5990 doAcquire__F6FSSpec + 384
13 SF Launcher 0x000c967c callPlugin__FP15OpaqueDialogPtr + 316
14 SF Launcher 0x000c9710 startPlugin__FP15OpaqueDialogPtr12SF_App_ModeT + 64
15 SF Launcher 0x000c9864 autoStartPlugin__FP15OpaqueDialogPtr + 228
16 SF Launcher 0x000c824c doMainDialog__Fv + 236
17 SF Launcher 0x000c7b18 main + 56

Thread 0 crashed with PPC Thread State:
srr0: 0xfffeff18 srr1: 0x0000d030 vrsave: 0x00000000
cr: 0x44004422 xer: 0x20000000 lr: 0x007fc93c ctr: 0xfffeff00
r0: 0x007fc93c r1: 0xbfffe3d0 r2: 0x00000000 r3: 0x00350b60
r4: 0x90a15918 r5: 0x00000072 r6: 0xa09a78b4 r7: 0x907dc5d4
r8: 0x00003227 r9: 0x90a1591f r10: 0x00000001 r11: 0x6f5f5918
r12: 0xa1b1c1d3 r13: 0x00000000 r14: 0x00000000 r15: 0x00000000
r16: 0x00000000 r17: 0x00000000 r18: 0x00000000 r19: 0x00000000
r20: 0xbffffc84 r21: 0x007fc26c r22: 0x00350b60 r23: 0x00000027
r24: 0x0000000a r25: 0x00000001 r26: 0x00000000 r27: 0x00355680
r28: 0x00000004 r29: 0x007fd004 r30: 0x007fc26c r31: 0x007fc26c

Posted: Sun May 29, 2005 12:51 am
by Scheisseler
I'm having trouble with my Umax 4000U. Just downloaded trial version of 6 today, but it hangs up on starting in both the app and the PS plug-in, until finally I have to force quit. I'm happy that there's finally some software I can (potentially) use in OS X, but needless to say, I won't be buying the full version until I know that it actually works...

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2005 9:04 am
by Scheisseler
It certainly is encouraging to return to this forum 10 days later and see that I still have the most recent post in this thread. Thanks very much for all of your help.

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2005 9:13 am
by BB
No solution yet, but at least a reason:

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2005 1:25 pm
by LSI_Noack
Dear Scheisseler

the Umax Astra 4000U hadn't been supported under OSX at all:
The information has been available all the time.

Please note that the purpose of the imaging forum is not to provide personal support. It is intended to serve as a platform for imaging professionals for exchange of experience and communicating ideas [ viewtopic.php?p=9763&highlight=9763 ].
Therefore LSI staff will only provide limited support in the forum.
Thank you in anticipation of your kind co-operation.

Best regards
Sonny Noack
- Manager Technical Support, LaserSoft Imaging AG -

Umax Astra 4500/4700/6700

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2005 1:25 pm
by LSI_Noack
Dear Umax Astra users

unfortunately it now is official: There won't be any drivers for the Umax Astra 4500/4700/6700 series to run these scanners under Tiger (Mac OSX 10.4) developed by Microtek.
In consequence, LaserSoft Imaging unfortunately cannot create appropriate versions of SilverFast, too.

Best regards
Sonny Noack
- Manager Technical Support, LaserSoft Imaging AG -