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Launcher 2.1 Crashes in Panther (10.3.7)

Posted: Sun Jan 30, 2005 9:17 pm
by ciprianoalgor
After the most recent update, from Launcher 2.0.8 and SF 6.2.1r1 (MicroIT8) to Launcher 2.1 and SF 6.4.1r1 the launcher repeatedly crashes. I prefer working from the launcher, so that I can still access photoshop and when launcher crashes of course i lose all of the most recent settings. last time i lost a saved negafix preset. i've just reinstalled 2.0.8 and so far (after 2 or 3 scans) it seems to be working better. am running os 10.3.7.

Posted: Sun Jan 30, 2005 9:23 pm
by ciprianoalgor
2.0.8 just crashed too (after the scan that was in progress as i was typing the last post).