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Howtek Banding

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2007 2:25 pm
by DJ
I am, or rather was, just about to buy a Howtek drum scanner, to use with Silverfast. The Howtek is pretty much the only drum scanner I can afford, and SIlverfast the only software I could afford to use with it, Silverfast was my only option.

I'm now reading on various forums that these banding problems are still an issue for people using Silverfast with Howteks, even with the latest versions (6.5.0r5). Have these not been fixed yet?

I have scanning I want to do, but I cannot justify buying either the scanner or the software until I know the software is working properly. Is any work being done to address this? Do you have a timescale on a fix?

Thanks for any info.

Posted: Tue May 08, 2007 7:49 am
by LSI_Heidorn
Dear DJ,
we don't have a real timescale right now, however the thing holding us back in fixing this issue was that we did not have a working Howtek !
Now there is one underways from the US to Germany, then we got a real lever to fix that nasty bug !

We will post it in the Howtek section as soon as it happens !


Nils Heidorn, R & D, LaserSoft Imaging AG

Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 1:38 pm
by LSI_Heidorn
Dear Howtek Drum Scanner Users,
i can confirm that we found & fixed the bug, now that we had access to a Scanner that actually showed the Problem !
A Test Customer also verified on 2 Howtek Drum Scanners that the banding is gone !

The fix will be included in the next regular Web update ( within 10 days ), namely Version 6.50r8 !

If you still use Version 6.4XXX and you do not plan to upgrade anytime soon, please contact me at: ( please allow some days for processing )

and i will send you a patched 6.4XX Plugin as a patch for your installation !

( You should really consider upgrading as 6.5 offers a whole lot of new features, e.g. free Rotation ).


Nils Heidorn, R & D, LaserSoft Imaging AG