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Howtek D 4000 & iMac G5

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2007 5:02 pm
by mattes
Hi SF-Forum,

I did not scan a lot in the last years but now have bought a Howtek D 4000 drum scanner for digitalizing a lot of medium format slides and will, having it delivered, try it out with an old Mac under OS9. But I plan to use it (if it works properly) with SF on a G5 iMac. My questions:

? Since there is no SCSI on the iMac I would like to connect the scanner via a Firewire- or USB-to-SCSI Bridge. Such adapters seem to be rare on the market and from several people I heard that there can be a lot of problems with recognizing scanners (some work, others don?t, connection can be unstable etc.). Do you have any suggestion which product would work reliable with my Howtek and SF under OS 10.4.8?

? I still have a SF D-5.5.1r02 for Quato3K (the scanner deceased long ago...). Is there any chance to get a (cheaper? ;-) sidegrade from that old version to actual SF for Howtek? And does it make sense to use the 7 year old IT8-charts with a new version or should I get new ones?

? I read in this board that there are problems with banding when using SF with a D 4000. Quoting user Tristan: "... until Silverfast have resolved this issue regarding banding and the D4000, I would not recommend purchasing the software." Being someone actually planning to purchase SF for a D4000, of course I would be glad to read more about it ... ;-)

? Last question: Together with a partner I also could have the chance to get a Heidelberg Prime Scan 8200 in the nearer future. Since (at least the 7100 and 8200) the Primes practically were Tangos under new names, does the SF-Version for Tango run with it (it is not possible to try one of your demo versions with that Prime at the moment)?

Thank you very much and regards


Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 2:20 pm
by LSI_Heidorn
Dear Mattes,

-SCSI for iMac:
The Adapter that comes to my mind is the Ratoc Firewire2SCSI Controller.
The Problem is, it is at best 50% probable to work, and we cannot test it here as we don't have your Howtek here.
I don't want you to buy it and not find it working...
maybe try to contact other Howtek Users if someone already tried it, will you ?
( And please post any feedback here ).
If nothing works, please post again, maybe ( and only maybe ) i can talk someone over to send you a Ratoc for testdriving that configuration.

The PrimeScan is not currently supported by SilverFast for Heidelberger Scanners.

This will change and i hope ( as you say: its CLOSE to the Tango ) soon, but i cannot make promises, lets say its 90% sure to be ported to the PrimeScan in the next weeks...


Nils Heidorn, R & D, LaserSoft Imaging AG

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 3:01 pm
by mattes
Dear Nils Heidorn,

thank you for the quick response. I will follow your advice: Maybe I can find someone who tried out the Ratoc-Controller. In the meantime I?ll have to stay with my old blue G4 Powermac I presume. But I?ll have to get a SCSI-Controller for this machine since I got rid of most of my old stuff in the last two years (unluckily including some SCSI-Controllers ...).

So another question... ;-): Are there any problems to expect with actual SCSI-Controllers and the D 4000 under 10.4 ?

(And thank you as well for the PrimeScan update)


Matthias Muschiol

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 3:20 pm
by LSI_Heidorn
mattes wrote:Dear Nils Heidorn,

So another question... ;-): Are there any problems to expect with actual SCSI-Controllers and the D 4000 under 10.4 ?

Dear Mattes,
well, lets put it like that:
Nothing *especially* evil is going to happen, but Apple is/was a bit lazy in supporting SCSI Controllers in 10.4 ...
Many that worked before do not seem to work anymore, some others are found & look okay in the Hardware Profiler but work unsable.
Some others simply work as before.
That is a tough situation, my recommendation for the G4 would be one of these:

Adaptec 2906 PCI
Adaptec 2930 PCI

But please check the Mac BBS'ses before buying, SCSI supports really is getting worse in 10.4...


Nils Heidorn, R & D, LaserSoft Imaging AG