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Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2002 11:35 pm
by Chris
Are there existing Plans at Lasersoft to support the new Canon FS 4000 US? If, when will it be available?

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2002 10:21 pm
by President_LSI
SilverFast Ai for CanoScan 4000 US

We hope to get development documents from CANON some time soon so we can support the CanonScan 4000.

Another way to use the power of SilverFast Ai is to scan into raw data (48 bit tif) and use SilverFast HDR to open and optimize the data. Try the SilverFast HDR demo to get the idea!

Also check out Ian Lyons' tutorial on SilverFast HDR:

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SilverFast Ai for CanoScan 4000 US

Posted: Sat Aug 31, 2002 1:49 am
by richard peters
I wish to make the investment in SilverFast software for my CanoScan 4000 US but I am confused about something. Is SilverFast Ai more effective in a supported scanner than SilverFast HDR raw data method.

SilverFast HDR versus SilverFast HDR

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2002 10:26 pm
by President_LSI
SilverFast HDR versus SilverFast Ai

SilverFast HDR has all features of SilverFast Ai plus the JobManager. The advantage of SilverFast HDR is the speed since no mechnical movement is invloved.
The results can be 100% identical because the same raw data that SilverFast Ai uses is used with SilverFast HDR.
SilverFast HDR can also create an overview of any directory. When data is passed through SilverFast HDR the HiRePP features gets implanted, so large data files can be loaded in real-time.

Read more about SilverFast HDR in Ian Lyons' instructions:

Silverfast software for Canoscan FS4000US

Posted: Sat May 03, 2003 6:10 pm
by clivewade
Having just read a terrific review of your software in AG31 (published by British Journal of Photography in May 2003) I am very keen to get a copy of your software for the FS4000US. The canon software is very slow and laborious and the end result is not always very good.
Is there any hope for us FS4000US owners?


Posted: Tue May 06, 2003 10:42 am
by President_LSI
SilverFast Ai for Canon FS 4000 US film scanner

We are close to release a version of SilverFast Ai for the Canon 4000 US filmscanner. Expect a version to be online with the next 2-3 weeks!

Canoscan FS 4000 US

Posted: Sun May 25, 2003 5:43 pm
by Paolo Angelico
I'm very pleased to hear that there will finally come Silverfast software available fot the FS4000. A lot of people were waiting fot this anxiously and I'm sure they will be using it once it's on the market. I understand that the release will be aprox. first of june 2003. Looking forward to it. Greetings, Paolo

Silverfast Ai for FS4000

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2003 10:09 pm
by Paolo Angelico
Finally you offer a version of Silverfast Ai for the canon FS4000, that's great news. What a dissappointment however that after 1 hour of downloading (I don't have broadband) the demo SF Ai didn't seem to support the FS 4000 according to the SF logfile.
Supp. Scanner: <CANON > <IX-03035B > <31=0x1f>
Supp. Scanner: <CANON > <IX-06015C > <31=0x1f>
Supp. Scanner: <CANON > <IX-12015E > <31=0x1f>
Supp. Scanner: <CANON > <IX-27015C > <31=0x1f>
Supp. Scanner: <CANON > <IX-27025E > <31=0x1f>

Do you think that in the near future you will release a demo that supports the FS4000. I'm holding my breath! Paolo

FS 4000 support

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2003 10:13 pm
by Paolo Angelico
I meant:
Supp. Scanner: <CANON > <IX-03035B > <31=0x1f>
Supp. Scanner: <CANON > <IX-06015C > <31=0x1f>
Supp. Scanner: <CANON > <IX-12015E > <31=0x1f>
Supp. Scanner: <CANON > <IX-27015C > <31=0x1f>
Supp. Scanner: <CANON > <IX-27025E > <31=0x1f>

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2003 11:51 am
by clivewade
I agree with Paolo that it is most dissappointing that there is no demo version of silverfast for the FS4000. Naturally, considering the cost of the software relative to the cost of the scanner, one would not purchase such an item without trying it out first. I therefore look forward to a demo version being available as soon as possible.

SilverFast Ai demo for Canon FS4000US

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2003 1:51 pm
by President_LSI
SilverFast Ai demo for Canon FS4000US

An updated demo is now available for download from our website:

Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2003 10:40 pm
by Paolo Angelico
I've downloaded the updated SF Ai demo version for the CanoscanFS4000 last saturday, which took 2,5 hours since I still don't have broadband internet.
In the proces of installing, the software looks for the location of Photoshop on your harddisk. Confronted with several versions of PS it produces a dialogue panel where you're asked to select the PS version/location of your choice. Once this dialogue panel appears the installation procedure gets jammed. Totally stuck. Only a forced quit will end this misery.
Where does this go wrong: is the demo software faulty, my computersetup (Macintosh) inadequate, whatever. Who has a similar experience. My enthousiasm for SF is not exactly increasing. Paolo :-?

Re: Install Problem

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2003 2:56 pm
by LSI_DAmato
We apologize for the inconvenience. The improper installer was used to create our Canon demo. We are posting a newer demo now, which will be about half the size (half the download time), and will not have the problem mentioned above.

Thank you,

Nick D.
LaserSoft Imaging, USA

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2003 8:58 pm
by clivewade
I started to get excited when I saw that the demo was available. I installed the software fairly quickly (I've got broadband) and it provided an import facility using Photoshop 6. Unfortunately it then failed to find the scanner which was attached to the computer using a USB 2 connection.
Do you have any ideas as to why this hasn't worked? I noticed when providing information for the software download that it mentioned supporting USB and SCSI but did not allow you to chose which one. I wonder if this is the source of the problem?
I hope you can solve this problem, as I am even more keen to try the software, having got so near!

Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2003 3:46 pm
by LSI_Steidele
Dear clivewade,

there is a little switch at the bottom of the scanner for chosing
If the switch is in the wrong position the scanner can't be found.

Martina Steidele

LaserSoft Imaging