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CanoScan FS 2710 driver

Posted: Thu Dec 26, 2002 5:36 pm
by jaskari

I would be most happy about information consernig a SF driver for CanoScan FS 2710 film scanner. The Canon driver software is not good enough for professional scanning - as anybody can tell by first glance.

I see there is a already a driver for CanoScan 2700, which is a different model I am not familiar with. I dare to ask the stupid question: could that driver be used for my 2710 -model? How different are they?

I?m using Mac OS 9.1 , but changing to OSX Jaguar within days.

Jaakko Jaskari
Professional Photographer

Posted: Fri Dec 27, 2002 8:53 am
by LSI_Flyvbjerg
Dear Mr. Jaskari.

I don?t know the FS2710, but it?s perhaps a newer model (and hopefully compatible to the old FS2700). This scanner surely uses a different aquire string, which makes, that our plugin doesn?t recognize it.

Anyway, did you try the free demo for the FS2700 ?

Please download the demo for the FS2700 and run the plugin. SilverFast writes a logfile ("SF_Logfile.txt") on your hard disk. This file is located within the SilverFast folder. Please send this file to[url][/url]. We can look at this file and perhaps, we can send you a test version for your scanner (due to holidays this will not be before next year).

Best regards


Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2003 6:20 pm
by LSI_Flyvbjerg
Dear Mr. Jaskari.

Thank you very much for the logfile.

I?m very unhappy that I have to tell you, that the FS2710 is not working with SilverFast. In the meantime, we had the possibility to check SilverFast with this scanner in our office in germany and unfortunatelly this scanner is not compatible with the FS2700. It?s also not sure if and when we can adopt SilverFast for this scanner. We will support more and more Canon scanners in the future and maybe there could be a change....

Best regards

Eric Flyvbjerg

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2003 8:45 am
by LSI_Flyvbjerg
Dear Mr. Jaskari.

Priorities do change often and sometimes very quickly.

I?m glad to tell you, that we received a FS2710 scanner in our office in Germany. We will now try to adopt SilverFast to that model. I hope we can expect a running version soon.


The CanoScan FS 2710 driver works fine!

Posted: Sun Mar 02, 2003 10:25 am
by jaskari
Thank you for the amazingly fast supply for the CanoScan FS 2710 driver!

I downloaded the demo and saw it works (naturally) at least as good all the previous versions on other scanners I?ve used. The difference with the original Canon software is like night and day. I will order the actual software right after posting this email to you.

Another important message:
I have relatives and colleagues who use the Canon FS 4000 every day for work, and whose hopes rose after hearing this plugin is out. I hope you can soon come up with a SF version for it too!

All the best!

Jaakko Jaskari,
professional photographer