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canon 9950 (and nikon) source in NegaFix

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 5:55 pm
by olohanz
Hallo everyone,

I'm new to HDR scanning, as I allways used Silverfast Ai to scan my negs for a precise purpose.
Now, i'll hopefully finish my studies at art school this summer, and I began to do some achives of all my negs and slides as raw HDR scans ;)
For the purpose of post-processing I downloaded SFE-6.4.3r6(HDR) demo to give it a try and I was wondering if there is a way to add the Canon 9950F to the sources in NegaFix, as I have a bunch of 48bitHDR scans made with that scanner. The "Other source" setting seems not to be the right choice for my Fuji Reala negs, allthough it works fine with my Ektachromes (either in 6x7 and 4"x5").

And, by the way (just out of curiosity):
I also have a couple of scans made with the NIKON 8000 ED, but I couldn't figure out to which scanner model the Nikon source in NegaFix is refering - or are all the Nikon scanners profiled the same way?

Thanks for any input,

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 9:24 am
by LSI_Muenier
Dear olohanz,

there is no 9950F profile set. Please adjust the Negafix profiles to your scanner individually.
The Nikon scanners are all profiled the same way.

Best regards

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 11:42 am
by olohanz
Hallo and thank you for the information!