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Once again, the update has made naming files during Batch Scanning even harder

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 2:35 am
by tommyleebones
Hi, I have several obstacles preventing me from a simple workflow.

A couple of these obstacles are new, after the most recent update. Others are over 1.5 years old:

I will group the new and the old obstacles together, as it will be easier to explain.

Basic problem:
I keep my negatives archived in hundreds of pages. I would like to have the filenames match their place in those pages. For example, the 15th negative on Page 143... I would like that scan to be named "Page143_15.jpg"

Silverfast has a function that should be able to name scans successively, but it isn't easy. In fact, it has gotten more difficult over the years.

• The "Path" setting (in the Scan Dimensions module) resets with every new negative inserted. So when I click "Batch Scan", I have to navigate to my desired destination folder. You used to be able to save the Path in a Saved Scan Settings, but it seems like you can't Save Scan Settings any more?
• Let's say I did select a "Path" destination in the "Scan Dimensions" module. When I click "Batch Scan," the save dialog opens, but not in my selected folder. It opens one folder higher!
• I can no longer save in the folder I am looking at in the dialog. In order to save, I must select a folder. If there is no folder selected, then the "Scan" button is grayed out.
• The worst of all: the indexing is still not working smoothly. This requires its own list:

•••• Let's say the last file I scanned was called "Page295_27.jpg"
•••• I insert a new strip and click "Batch Scan." The save dialog opens.
•••• Under "Name", it says "Untitled"
•••• But "Start index at" is correct! It says "28"
•••• But I need to fill in "Name". So I click on my last file, the one called "Page295_27.jpg".
•••• Now the "Name" fills in with "Page295_27" ... BUT the "Start index at:" still says 28!
•••• So if I just click "Scan" now, I will get files called "Page295_2728", "Page295_2729", "Page295_2730", etc.
•••• As a workaround, I keep a "dummy file" that just titled "Page295_". If I click on that, Silverfast fills that into "Name". But I have to go into the Finder to change this every time I start a new archival page, which is frequently.

Current Process:

Here is what it looks like every time I would like to scan using the indexing function (which is every scan I do. Hundreds every year).

I must set up my folder structure like this:


Then I follow these steps:

1) If the "dummy file" is incorrect, I must go in the finder and update it.

2) I click "Batch Scan", and I get this dialog.


3) As you can see, I added the Sidebar folder to the sidebar (luckily this stays). I click on that, and I'm taken here:


4) Then I click on my "dummy file" and the "Name" fills itself in:


5) THEN I select the destination folder (This is now the only way to save into the destination folder. I cannot go inside it)


6) Finally I click Scan!

If I miss any of these steps, or do any of them out-of-order... then the file names get very screwed up!

Please please please tell me what I can do differently!

Last time I asked why you couldn't change it back to the old way (which worked perfectly!). You said it was because some other customers wanted this function. I don't understand how this can be easier for anybody!

I also don't understand how this is getting worse. This simple task seems to function less and less over the years!

This seems unacceptable for a program that is so expensive. Silverfast costs almost as much as the ENTIRE Adobe Suite! (over 20 Adobe programs!) And while those programs have their problems, Adobe regularly fixes simple bugs like these.

PLEASE make this function work again. I have to use my workaround dozens of times whenever I am scanning.

Or let me know if there is another way that I can make the indexing function work again!

Thank you.

Re: Once again, the update has made naming files during Batch Scanning even harder

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 4:30 pm
by LSI_Ketelhohn
Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback.
I will talk to our developers about this.

Kind regards,

Re: Once again, the update has made naming files during Batch Scanning even harder

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 7:07 pm
by srunions
I don't see any response or solution version offering to this issue raised. I just purchased SilverFast 8 for Batch Scanning of thousands of family photos and this has become a real pain having to reset the destination folder and correct the filename prefix each scan operation. Please offer a quick solution to this problem with the software .... thanks



Re: Once again, the update has made naming files during Batch Scanning even harder

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:45 am
by LSI_Ketelhohn
Dear Stephen,

Currently, the naming dialog is working as intended.

Kind regards,