Problem: Multi-Sampling Causes Blur

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Re: Problem: Multi-Sampling Causes Blur

Postby RAM » Mon Apr 06, 2009 3:21 pm

Multi-Pass Film Scanning

I did find this to be the case on scanning MF film with the holder on 16 pass scans (as temp of the glass bed increases ... the film starts to move in the Epson film holder !). After many cross-permutation trials ... I opted for single pass scans (which have more apparent grain,but with monochrome street photography that can work in favor of the style).

I have seen some absolutely stunning results from direct wet mounting, (Kami fluid & the clear plastic sheeting for the direct mounting of the film onto the scanner bed) not recommended by Epson. It Is debatable (as are many things !) but if done correctly the effect of the 'film movement issue due to the heat' - may possibly be reduced. This is a potentially very hazardous process (due to the Kami fluid) and can be a very messy and time consuming !! Its worth researching it first, as there are special preparations for sealing gap between the scanner bed and glass and then the task of cleaning up !!

Multi-Pass Print Scanning

I have found that I can get razor sharp images with incredible shadow detail and very low noise for each scan by comparison to single pass scans.

I scan without the aid of any filters (except auto sharpen option) which seems to compensate for any microscopic movement between the glass bed and print surface.
A 16 pass scan seems to yield beautiful results (although I meticulously pre-clean the scanner glass bed and the print with a large blower brush before placing them in the scanners "sweet spot"). The scanner is placed on a checked level surface - and is bedded on a flat 5mm cork sheet which reduces/ dampness vibrations.

I am now getting remarkable results with SilverFast Ai :D
It takes a lot of time to conduct the various trials (through cross-permutations and comparisons) to arrive at the settings which best suit your precise image style and application requirement.

Wish ya luck :wink:

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