What is up with v6.5

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What is up with v6.5

Postby BobF » Sat Mar 24, 2007 11:58 pm

What the hell has happened to what was a good software package?

I made some scans this afternoon. I go away and come back a couple hours later, do a Prescan with NO settings being changed and everything is purple.

What is with this new version? First the upgrade pricing is completely whacked and now it's doing totally bizarre things when trying to scan.

I shut down the app. and PS, restarted both and that solved the issue but really, what the hell have you people at Lasersoft done? This used to be a terrific scanning package and was pretty easy to use. I've had nothing but problems since upgrading to v6.5.

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SilverFast 6.5

Postby BillMcMannis » Wed Mar 28, 2007 11:41 pm


I do not know why, but when upgrading to 6.5, SilverFast seems to "blow out" existing profiles. I half expected this when I did the upgrade and the folks at tech support here walked me through removing my old version of SF. I then had to rebuild my profiles.

For some reason (perhaps software, perhaps hardware) every month or so SF looses my ICC profiles and my options settings. I have printed up a cheat sheet showing my settings so that when this happens again, I can piece things together with minimum downtime.

It is very annoying and only seems to happen when I have an assignment with a deadline.

I suspect that if you start from scratch and recalibrate your scanner your results will be acceptable. Just be prepared to do it again down the road.
Bill McMannis

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Postby LSI_Heidorn » Thu Mar 29, 2007 7:37 am

Dear Biill, dear Bob:

If i am reading this correctly, you are writing about 2 different things, right ?

-1- After upgrading to the latest Version the images come out terribly but after a restart things normalize ?

-2- Apart from this also when not upgrading SilverFast "looses" settings and you have to redo the ICC Profile ?!

Could you acknowledge this interpretation, so we can start narrowing down whats happening here ?

Thank you & Greetings,

Nils Heidorn, R & D, LaserSoft Imaging AG

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