Better scans with Silverfast 8?

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Better scans with Silverfast 8?

Postby Peter! » Thu Sep 01, 2011 10:02 am

I can appreciate that you adopt and update your scan software to modern OS and at the same time refresh the layout. But, here comes the million dollar question, do the scans, from a technical point of view, get better compared to Silverfast 6.x? If so, please elaborate.


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Re: Better scans with Silverfast 8?

Postby LSI_Rossee » Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:49 am

Peter, apology for the delay with an answer to your "million dollar question". The answer is plain and simple --> Yes! We have to keep in mind though that scanning results are strongly dependent on the scanning hardware. That means (and you probably knew that) if you were to do a plain final scan with no adjustments applied you won't see any difference between SF6.6 and SF8. If you apply optimisations to the final scan and compare it with the results of SF6.6 the differences will likely be subtle because the quality of SF6.6 scans was and is so darn good already - it's hard to beat that. We ported 80% of our quality algorithms from SF6.6, which have been improved and optimzed over the last 15 years, directly to SF8. We were able to achieve improvements for the USM, iSRD, AACO, MultiExposure and some more. Obviously I can't and don't want to go into the specifics here in a public forum but I can give you a concrete example for what's been improved on the saturation slider in SF8. We gave the slider a more adaptive saturation because we felt that highly saturated colors would sometimes show a posterization effect when adding more saturation to less saturated colors. Now one may think: "Duhhh, big deal!" We think it actually IS a big deal because this improvement also comes into play for a feature we call "ACR --> Adaptive Color Restoration"! Very few people actually still shoot analogue so 99% of the originals scanned these days are archive material and the chances are high that colors will have degraded in those materials. So ACR is one of the areas where you can expect better scans with SF8. But my advice to everybody is to download the demo of SilverFast 8 and see for yourself. Again the main reason why we took on the development of SilverFast 8 was not the fact that we didn't like the quality level we were able to achieve in SF6.6. In the first step we wanted an updated UI, a modern development environment, native 64-bit support and better OS compatibilities. We have all that in SilverFast 8 now. Next we will focus on even faster processing, further improvements of our image quality algorithms and you may or may not expect to see some of the processing to be done on the GPU of your graphics card rather than the CPU :o
I hope I was sufficiently elaborate with my reply :-)


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