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I had SilverFast Ai v6.4.4r7 upgraded to 6.6 not happy!

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:36 pm
by Mrsogmor
I have upgraded SilverFast Ai v6.4.4r7 to 6.6 I already had the it8 function and the targets both transparancey and printed and a Feature CD with additional serial number for the version 6 which I purchased back in 2002 for 238 Euros .I can't enter the it8 upgrade number from the existing feature CD into the new version 6.6 software because it's a 20 digit number and they new code is 30 long.

Do I have to buy an update for the IT8 function as well? how can I do that seperately ? there doesn't appear to be a way of doing that.At least if there is it's not clear.I can't believe i'm the only one who wants to do this.Perhaps other people part with there money easier than I do ?

If I have to pay extra i'm going to be very angry :evil: as there was no information on this on the download shop!

Now when I go to update additional features with my now new 6.6 serial number its says the it8 version is 99euro well F*** that I ain't paying twice for something I had in the first PLACE :evil:

If i had known that I would have bought the It8 update in the first place and now i have a non It8 version and they want me to buy another one with It8! :evil: :evil:

In fact if i'd known it was going to be such a palava I wouldn't have bothered.

Re: I had SilverFast Ai v6.4.4r7 upgraded to 6.6 not happy!

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 10:38 am
by LSI_Bruhn
Dear Mrsogmor,

please use for upgrading the serial from the feature CD only. Formally the IT8 feature has been an Add-on including the feature CD and a special serial.

Today only one serial will needed to switch the calibration on or off. I recommmend if you upgraded without the IT8 to send us your new serial and the older 20 digit serial from the feature CD

to our support team using the webform. We will change the serial into a working IT-8 serial than.

kind regards

PS: If you have a feature CD, please use the IT8 serial for the upgrade, if you are not sure what serial your a currently running with, press the "i" button and "credits".