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ME 2X, The Big Crosshair and Infrared Dust Removal

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2007 8:50 am
by davidl3541

As a reference, I use a Canon 9950F flatbed scanner for B&W, color neg and color transparency film scanning, primarily in the 6X6cm size.

Here are a few thoughts on the latest 6.5.05 version of AI Studio It8 that I use:

First thought: ME2X Works as advertised, especially on positive color transparencies; however, for my scanner model I must make sure that the film holder is firmly positioned in place, particularily for film strips. I get the best result using the single frame holder for 6X6cm -- which also has a single frame 4X5 inch frame space.

The scan bar jars the scanner slightly when it initiates the second scan. Ths is not an issue on single passes. To avoid kicking the film out of registration on two passes, I need to ensure the film holder is secured. Initially I put weights on the top of the scanner to reduce the bump. After a few experiments it appears that a little bit of clear scotch tape is all that is needed for film strips in my scanner. I don't need to tape the holder for single frames since the holder is secure enough.

Second thought. The big crosshair on scan previews seems to be a registration tool for stitching the ME scans. If that is the case and it really is needed OK. If the crosshair is not necessary why is it there?

Third thought has to do with Canon FARE and the not-yet-available SF version of Infrared dust removal: This is a real issue for me because FARE works so well. I know that Lasersoft has stated that you will have infrared dust removal included for Canon flatbed scanners.

Please tell me if this is going to happen and if so....

Best regards,


Posted: Wed May 02, 2007 9:50 am
by LSI_Muenier
Dear David,

MultiExposure has an AutoAlignment built in, but it is a good idea to firmly position the films and slides to be scanned, as you wrote.

The crosshair is user interface element for rotating your scan frame in the preview.

Infrared dust and scratch removal is still under investigation ...

Best regards

Rea: ME 2X, The Big Crosshair and Infrared Dust Removal

Posted: Wed May 02, 2007 3:15 pm
by davidl3541
Dear Martin,

Thanks, I will periodically check to see if dust removal is updated.

Best regards,