Batches in HDR how to?

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Batches in HDR how to?

Postby hansm » Fri Feb 07, 2014 8:05 pm

I had thought to use Job Manager in HDR 8 on a folder of HDR 16bit monochrome scans in tiff format. The aim is to batch process these into (1) converted to tiff files 8bit RGB , and (2) small jpeg thumbnails. As I have already 500+ negatives scanned with more to come, this form of automation will be welcome.
I looked for information on the Job Manager but could not find out how to do this. Even did not reach the point where I could put the contents of a folder iin the Job Manager window.
But it might well be the case that the workflow I have in mind is not possible at all. I would appreciate a little help sorting out this question. Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Batches in HDR how to?

Postby LSI_Ketelhohn » Fri Feb 14, 2014 3:12 pm

Dear customer,

You can select an image and the chose "Duplicate frame" from the "Frame" menu.
That will create a second JobManager entry for that image.
Each entry can then have separate settings.

To reduce the size of the image you need to open the lock behind the resolution slider in the image dimensions dialog.
That will allow you to actually change the size of the created image.

You can also select the file type in the image dimensions.

kind regards,
Arne Ketelhohn.

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