SCSI cards, 45 Ultra and SF 6.2.2r1

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SCSI cards, 45 Ultra and SF 6.2.2r1

Postby Jan Becket » Sun Oct 10, 2004 10:34 am

I was getting soft horizontal bands (see an earlier post) and finally tracked the problem down (I think) ? my Adaptec SCSI card. Unfortunately, Adaptec is not supporting Panther with any updated firmware releases.

For its SCSI scanners and Panther, Polaroid recommends the Initio POL3925 card, one made specifically for their products. I ordered one and flashed its BIOS with their flash utility, updating it to work with Panther.

OK, here's the problem. Both cards are recognized by the OSX system, but SF 6 only works with the Adaptec card. It stalls on the prescan with the Initio card, with the color wheel spinning ? every time.

Has anyone had luck with the Initio POL3925, Panther and SF 6?

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Postby LSI_Noack » Mon Oct 11, 2004 8:34 am

Dear Jan

you are right, Adaptec and Panther do not go very well together. Adaptec has even canceled support for all Mac OS: ... MQ**&p_li=

Furthermore, SilverFast testing center experienced severe SCSI detection problems with OS X 10.3.0 and 10.3.1.

The update to 10.3.2 made Panther somewhat more compatible with some SCSI controllers, however, still not smooth as things have been in Jaguar 10.2.8 (cf.: IOSCSIDeviceInterface not supported under Panther - ... SCSI-63255 ).

Apple explicitely changed things that caused SCSI problems in 10.3.3 that should be rectified with an update to 10.3.4 ( ).
There is no mention concerning SCSI in the 10.3.5 release notes.

We found SCSI controller cards by Acard ( ) to be very compliant with a wide range of SCSI scanners, especially the 6712TUM and 67160M (for G5).

Alternatively, you might be interested in SCSI-to-Firewire converters like the
Ratoc FR1SX ( ... erex1.html ) or the Belkin F5S451U ( ... _Id=100393 ). We had positive testing experience with both converters, too.

I am afraid we never tested that Initio SCS controller card, but perhaps some of the links about may help you out with your problem.

Kind regards
Sonny Noack
- technical support, LSI AG -

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