IT8 calibration problem in Ai 6.0.2r31

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harry shin
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Postby harry shin » Tue Jul 29, 2003 7:06 pm

1. Just an update for the folks following this issue.
2. I have a perhaps related problem with the current version of silverfast ai 6.0 2r31 (described above and in another thread).
3. Anyway, this problem has been going on for the past, 2+ months, we've been writing about this problem, I've personally emailed several folks at support--> nothing, I finally emailed the president--> nothing. I finally resorted to calling the 1-900 number, talked to Martin, of course he wasn't aware of any problem with 2r31, was surprised that people were having problems with this version, was unaware that ian lyons had noted problems with this version etc... I was thinking--> there is something seriously wrong with this picture in that a) we're the paying consumer b) we're going through the normal method of trying to get tech "support" c) yet the tech support people have no clue as to what's going on d) on top of everything else, the paying customer has to pay $2.00 / min to talk to tech support to point out a defect in THEIR product.
4. Bottomline--> they told me to send sample images; I sent in a CD with images from the prior version 6.0 2r20 vs 6.0 2r31 and it should be very apparent that the images via the 2r31 have a definite / abnormal color cast. I hope that they will finally be convinced that something is wrong with this version and fix the bug.

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Postby LSI_Belli » Wed Jul 30, 2003 12:08 am

Dear Harry,

our team is investigating this issue. As the tests made here did not show a significant problem, we need more information to localize the problem e.g. if the target you use is from Kodak or from LSI, your scanner type, etc.

Please fill the form at:

and write a theme like "color cast after calibration". Our colour imaging specialists will look at this issue with this new piece of information.

We are sorry for the delay and hope to give you the solution asap :)


harry shin
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SilverFast User
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Postby harry shin » Wed Jul 30, 2003 1:37 am

dear mr belli:
1. as stated in the above note, i have contacted silverfast technical via the following routes: a) i personally emailed you directly several months ago b) i personally emailed martin several months ago c) i recently emailed LSI president several weeks ago d) i posted several messages on the silverfast forum e) i have emailed at least... 2-3 times about this issue f) i emailed martin jpeg images months ago g) i resorted last week to calling the 900 number at my expense to talk to martin directly h) the last thing i did was mail a CD with 48 bit HDR images, comparing version 6.0 2r20 vs 6.0 2r31; via the tracking data, silverfast in FL got it yesterday and "paul" is hopefully looking into the issue at this time. so please get to paul and try to find out what is going on with this problem.

take care.

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Sample Images

Postby LSI_Ingraham » Wed Jul 30, 2003 12:37 pm

Dear All,

I am trying to troubleshoot the problem with the IT8 Calibration. Can you please e-mail me example images (with and without calibration) and your ICC input profiles? The images can be in Jpeg.

Please also indicate:

- the scanner model,
- the version(s) of SilverFast software
- type of target type and size you are using (C-Roes, Kodak 4x5, Lasersoft 35mm, etc.),
- the Gamma gradation settings used with the color calibration, and
- the internal profile used with color calibration.

Thank you for your assistance.

John Ingraham
New Project Development
LaserSoft Imaging AG

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