Kodachrome & Silverfast SE 8 Plustek

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Kodachrome & Silverfast SE 8 Plustek

Postby monkeyperez » Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:48 am

Can you confirm that Silverfast SE 8 does NOT support Kodachrome scanning please?
If this is the case do I need to upgrade to Silverfast SE Plus 8 in order to do this?
Having 'upgraded' to Silverfast 8 from the Silverfast SE Plus 6.6 which bundled with my scanner, it apears I have lost this functionality.


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Re: Kodachrome & Silverfast SE 8 Plustek

Postby LSI_Morales » Wed Oct 05, 2011 7:49 am

Hi there,

SilverFast SE does not have the Kodachrome feature included, neither in SE 6 nor in SE 8.
For that you will have to upgrade to SE Plus or Ai Studio

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