Kodachome slides looked washed out

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Kodachome slides looked washed out

Postby cuda » Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:52 am

I bought a 7200 Plustek and the SE software a while back and played around for a week or so. I thought there was a "kodachome" or similar setting but maybe I am mistaken. However, I do have some old slides I scannned that have that super colored Kodachrome look to them so I know I was able to get better results in the past.

Did the SE version time out after a while and take some features away? What I mean is was it giving me the full version for a while before reverting back to SE? I also updated SE, did the update remove the setting?

I guess I can live with it being washed out but the settings that come with SE seem useless and I just need confirmation that the settings I want are now gone or should I keep looking?

I dont really understand IT8, what good is a card I can scan? Does that stuff work with a 7200?

I just want to scan slides and have them look like they do on the slide projector, any ideas?

Slides are Kodachome and Ektachome from 30-40 years ago.

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Re: Kodachome slides looked washed out

Postby LSI_Muenier » Wed Nov 19, 2008 2:45 pm

Dear cuda,

the SE version does not time out.
Possibly you have first worked in demo mode (showing SE-Plus features) and then serialized to SE?

The idea with the IT8 chart is to present to the scanner a number or "known" colors and then be able
to calculate a scanner profile from the measured "answers" of the scanner to these colors.
After that, the scanner colors can be converted to "true" colors by using this scanner profile.

Best regards

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