Problems adjusting film frame

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Uncle Tom
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Problems adjusting film frame

Postby Uncle Tom » Thu Dec 04, 2008 12:28 pm

I am using the Reflecta RPS7200 film scanner together with Silverfast Ai v6.6.0r3a. I'm having big troubles to adjust and scan the right image. I am placing a filmstrip with 4 images in the automatic feeder. Then I forward the filmstrip to the third picture on the strip, manually with the hardware button on the scanner.
In Silverfast, Scanmode is on "file", original is set to "document feeder". I do a prescan, which looks fine. Then just after pressing the "scan" in Silverfast, the scanner moves to the first picture on the strip and does the scan. But that's the wrong image!
Am I doing something wrong? The same happens when switching off the scanner, restarting the software. So basically it's not possible to scan any other picture than #1 on the strip. Any help is very much appreciated.
Cheers, Uncle Tom

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Re: Problems adjusting film frame

Postby LSI_Muenier » Mon Dec 08, 2008 11:14 am

Dear Uncle Tom,

please do not use the manual buttons located on the scanner itself,
but instead use the overview dialog in SilverFast and choose your image from there!

Best regards

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