Getting Started with PIE Primefilm XA

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Getting Started with PIE Primefilm XA

Postby photojoe » Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:55 am

Just getting started with a new PrimeFilm XA (new model pretty similar to 7250). So far it's been quite frustrating, so I'm wondering if I'm missing something basic or maybe could just use a little help.


1) Loading film - strips do not appear to be loaded aligned. I need to nudge the film into place with the forward and back buttons. When I hold down Forward it doesn't always align the next frame correctly. I've also tried to use the silverfast buttons directly with similar results. An overview scan doesn't work either - I get frames split between overview tiles.

2) Image quality (noise, contrast). I'm quite disappointed with the initial scan results, poor contrast in shadows and lots of noise. Just as a sanity check I compared the same negative scanned with my CanoScan 9000F (using Canon's free software included). The Canon was far superior. I purchased the PIE hoping for much better quality (and ease of loading) than the Canon, did I make a mistake?

So I figure it's either user error, a defective scanner, or if it's just not a good product. I'm hoping it's user error, but I'm usually quite experienced and competent with these sorts of things. Any advice is appreciated.

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