SilverFast PhotoCD

SilverFast PhotoCD

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Postby MarkD » Tue Jan 08, 2002 3:56 am

I downloaded a trial version of SilverFast PhotoCD. I can bring-up images in the program but I am unable to get them in to Photoshop. A review of this software said that the trial software leaves a watermark on the image, so I feel like you should be able to get the files into PS, not just see them in the SF program. Does anyone know how to get the opened files from SF to PS?

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Postby LSI_DAmato » Tue Jan 08, 2002 8:51 pm

I think the demo you are using may have expired. Please check our site within the next few days for the newer 5.5.1 demo. This will allow scan functionality once again.

- Nick D.

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Photo CD

Postby PapaDon » Sun Aug 19, 2007 9:35 pm

Can I assume that anything that pertains to Photo CD also pertains to a Photo DVD? If not, what are the problems.
I'm using SilverFast Ai, the software that came with the Plustek 7200i slide scanner. I've just finished scanning about 1000 35mm slides and want to add captions. I cannot find a text program in SilverFast Ai...or am I looking in the wrong place?
Thanks for your prompt reply,

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