Reflecta Silver Scan (3600)

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Reflecta Silver Scan (3600)

Postby Moe » Tue Jan 18, 2005 11:43 pm


I'm from Germany so please don't bully me if I make any stupid mistakes :lol:

I got the Reflecta Silver Scan (3600dpi max), it works absolutely wonderful when I'm scanning b/w negatives but as soon as I want to scan a colour-negative the result is not nearly as good as b/w. In the pictures there are misterious stripes, spots and some added colours, for example green spots! I really wonder how this comes even though I'm scanning with at least 450 dpi - which should be enough! I tried it with 2000 dpi now, the result is way better, but it can't be the final resulotion to have every pic at a size of ~25MB...


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Postby LSI_Noack » Wed Jan 19, 2005 6:54 pm

Dear Moe

please download and install the latest update for your version of SilverFast from our website.
You might experience that this already does solve your problem.

If you need to update a SilverFast Ai version, please do register with us at our website (cf. Support -> Registration):
After registering you will swiftly receive an automatically generated e-mail with the access data you will need for downloading the update.

However, if the problem persists, please don't hesitate to contact LaserSoft Imaging support staff:

I would appreciate if you could paste a fresh copy of the SF_Logfile in the problem report.

On a Mac OS X PC you will find the SF_Logfile in /Users/(your username)/Library/Preferences/LaserSoft Imaging.

On a Windows 2000 or XP system the SF_Logfile is placed within /Documents and Settings/(your username)/Application Data/LaserSoft Imaging.
If you haven't yet changed the standard setting of the Windows Explorer you won't see any folder "Application Data". You then want to open the folder options dialogue (from "Extras" the menu) and go to the "View" tab. There you can enable the Explorer to show you hidden and system files and folders as well as displaying the contents of system folders.

On older operating systems like Windows 98/ME or Mac OS 9 you will most probably find the SF_Logfile within the the program folder of Adobe Photoshop /Plugins/Import-Export/(SilverFast).

You could of course also you the search function of your system to find the "SF_Logfile". Please make sure that you will be shown hidden and system files. The SF_Logfile is always created anew when SilverFast is started up, even if no scanner can be found, it will be created.

Simply open it with your text editor (double clicking the SF_Logfile) and select all the text (Win: CTRL+A; Mac: CMD+A). Then copy the selection to the clipboard (CTRL+C / CMD+C).
Go back to the problem report and click inside the text field. Move the text cursor to the end of your problem description and insert the SF_Logfile from the clipboard (CTRL+V / CMD+V).

Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

Kind regards
Sonny Noack
- technical support, LSI AG -

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