SFE6.0.2.r15 and epson expression 1680 pro and OS 10.2.3

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SFE6.0.2.r15 and epson expression 1680 pro and OS 10.2.3

Postby Krisp » Tue May 06, 2003 12:22 pm

I recently bought and downloaded the vs 6 of silverfast. I bought an epson scanner (expression 1680 pro with a firewire card) a while ago and it worked fine in OS 9 with the software included with the scanner (presto page manager and SF Ai), now after i upgraded my computer to os 10.2.3 i decided to download SF 6 since elsewhere on this site there is mentioned that no additional software from epson is required. i found drivers for my scanner at their site, but only for version 10.2.2, but this should not be a problem: see previous sentence.

I installed the vs 6 on my Mac, installed the standalone software and tried to launch it => there is a pop up screen that says: no scanners detected. What is the problem now... and how can i solve it??? (my scannner is connected via firewire)


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Postby LSI_Sperling_old » Wed May 07, 2003 9:48 am

Dear thx -
Just I tested the Epson 1680 - firewire - on Mac 10.2.5 with SilverFast 6.0.2r15. I used both - the standalone and Photoshop 7 and had no problems :D The scanner was found and SilverFast worked well. Perhaps you have a problem with your firewire card or the firewire driver on OS X ?? :roll:
The scanner has a SCSI and USB port too. You can also use these connections.

with regards


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