SCSI scanner doesn't reliably show up in OS X

Problems with OSX and Jaguar

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SCSI scanner doesn't reliably show up in OS X

Postby BEIGE » Sat Sep 20, 2003 8:30 pm

i'm finding that in OS X (both Jaguar and the Panther beta) that i can't reliably get silverfast to see my scanner, despite it clearly being visible to the system in the apple system profiler. i also tried to move my Zip disk and broken SCSI burner out of the chain and then couldn't get Silverfast to work no matter what i did (with the scanner directly connected!). is this common? is there a workaround? i have the proper adaptec driver installed

also, Silverfast takes an incredible amount of time to load in Panther. i don't know whether it's an issue with Photoshop's memory management, Silverfast or Panther but nevertheless, it's painful. it takes a good 30 seconds to get past the launch screen.

my system:
-dual G4 500/1280 MB RAM/PS 7.0.1/OS X 10.2.6 and OS X 10.3 7b59
-scanner: powerlook 2100xl on an adaptec 2906 pci card

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LSI Staff
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Postby LSI_Sperling_old » Thu Sep 25, 2003 4:16 pm

Dear BEIGE -
You are right - there are problems with SCSI on Mac OS X :roll:
Not every SCSI adapter will work on OSX proper. IF the scanner is found by the system ( look at Apple System Profiler ) SilverFast will work without problems.

1. install the OSX driver for your scsi adapter and shot down your Mac

2. check :o the scsi ID of the PL 2100 XL and switch to " 2 " - start the scanner and wait, until it is ready

3. boot the Mac and check at the Apple System profiler, if the scanner is found by the system - if " yes " SilverFast will work - if not: shot down your Mac, switch the scsi ID of the scanner to " 4 " - start the scanner and..... so on.
The problem is the connection between your scanner and your scsi adapter. Please always first start your scanner - wait and then start your Mac.

Hopefully everything is fine now :D



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