Grain & noise scanning llford HP5+

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Grain & noise scanning llford HP5+

Postby Cranialstrain » Mon Dec 08, 2008 1:37 pm

Hi all,

Forgive the newbie question but I've only just started scanning my own negatives after purchasing a Nikon Coolscan 5000 ED and am still on a sharp learning curve!

My main issue at the moment is that with Silverfast Ai I find Illford HP5+ (400) extremely grainy. I have read several tutorials and forum posts but having experimented with the various de-screening options and GANE® am left disappointment with the results. I wondered if anyone might be able to recommend settings when scanning this particular film type? I am already applying the correct Negafix profile.

Also, could anyone also tell me if they have managed to integrate the scanning process effectively with Apple Aperture? My conclusion so far is that I will need to either manually import scanned TIFs or have Aperture watching a directory for pick-up.

Many thanks.

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Re: Grain & noise scanning llford HP5+

Postby LSI_Morales » Thu Dec 11, 2008 5:10 pm

Dear Cranialstrain,

Although the manufacturer claims the film to be very fine grained almos all 400 films have a relatively big grain compared to lower ISO films.
Also you have to have in mind that the scanner generates noise especially with low key motives.

It is a bit hard for us to tell without a sample image. Would it be possible for you to upload sample images on the internet to illustrate your problem?

Thanks for your help

Alejandro Morales

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