Epson v750 Silverfast on XP Virtualbox Hosted Under MacOS

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Epson v750 Silverfast on XP Virtualbox Hosted Under MacOS

Postby mszargar » Fri Aug 01, 2014 5:22 pm


Does anybody here have experience running Silverfast (6.6.2r5 here) with Epson v750 under Oracle Virtual Box? I have an iMac with the latest version of MacOS installed, and a Virtualbox with Windows XP installed on it where I run my legacy work. I have recently acquired a v750, and am currently trying to use the provided SilverFast Ai 6.6 software under my virtualized Windows XP. The problem is that SilverFast won't identify the scanner. It spends some time on the splash screen saying "Searching devices..." and then it reports that no scanner was found. I have enabled USB 2.0 in the VM and have installed Epson drivers under XP as well. Other software, like Epson scan and v**s**n detect the scanner with no problem. I have also made sure that I have uninstalled whatever Nikon driver I had installed before for my older scanner as well as ASPI drivers. Any idea what is going wrong and how it can be fixed?


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