Batch scanning via Job Manager with Nikon 5000 / SF-210

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Batch scanning via Job Manager with Nikon 5000 / SF-210

Postby FrancoisFaber » Thu Oct 23, 2008 9:52 pm

I want to use Nikon’s slide feeder SF-210 for batch scanning with Job Manager, but the scanner doesn’t load the slides. Here is how I proceed:
1. Pre-scan: manually load each slide with [Eject Slide] function
2. After every pre-scan, I add the actual frame to Job Manager
3. Once all slides are pre-scanned, I do the necessary adjustments to each frame and [Save] the parameters
4. I load all slides into the feeder in the same sequence as I did for pre-scanning
5. I select all Frames from Job Manager and push button [Start]

-> The first slide is loaded into the scanner and the slide is digitized in the desired resolution including my parameter settings

Then, instead of ejecting the first slide and loading the next one, Job Manager starts with the next Frame but still scans the first loaded slide.
Can anyone explain how I can add the [Eject Slide] function between the frames in Job Manager, or is there a different way to work? Thank you for any useful tip.
(... you may also reply in German language) Thank you.

My software version on Windows XP = Silverfast NikonM v6.6.0r2

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Re: Batch scanning via Job Manager with Nikon 5000 / SF-210

Postby LSI_Morales » Tue Oct 28, 2008 12:08 pm

Dear Francois,

We both had phone contact in the past days, I personally carried out a test with the equipment described by you. During my test the proccess went exactly the way you described.

I did then some internal research about this "issue". Unfortunately this combination can not be used with the JobManager to make a batch scan the main reason is because it was designed to work with overviews of the whole content of a film holder or dia holder.

The slide feeder SF-210 (as well as the SF-200) does not allow this "overview" possibility which let the JobManager to operate correctly because it goes only in one direction (forwards).

As an alternative you have the option of setting the whole frame configuration (resolution, filter, etc) and then saving it with a desired name, you can then use this frame automatically in the options dialog in SilverFast to be applied as the standard configuration. Then use the batch scan option with the docuement feeder activated to make the whole scanning without the JobManager.

This option will not allow you for especific adjustments to every picture, if this is what you need, you have the option of scanning your pictures in a batch and save them in 48 bits color to be edited lated with your desired editing application.

Thank you very much for your interest in our products

Have a nice day
Alejandro Morales

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