Any newer Instructional material available?

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Any newer Instructional material available?

Postby hassiman » Fri Jul 25, 2008 11:55 pm

I was just wondering if Silverfast has released and more up-to-date instructional material to accompany the latest versions of Silverfast?

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Re: Any newer Instructional material available?

Postby LSI_Morales » Thu Jul 31, 2008 10:54 am

Dear Hassiman

Since the basic features in SilverFast are described in detail in the document for version 6, and the differences in these "basic principles" are minor between Version 6 and 6.5, we decided to keep the old version and publish addendum documentation to compliment the operation manual.

We will eventually update every chapter with the most relevant information until we get it "all covered" (bear in mind that the software is constantly evolving).

Please make sure you download the relevant chapters or addendum to every task you wish to learn.

We also have a lot of instructional videos that can be downloaded and complement the documentation

Thanks for your understanding

Best Regards
Alejandro Morales

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