16 Bit HDR Grayscale resulting in inverted image

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16 Bit HDR Grayscale resulting in inverted image

Postby dshooter » Sun Jul 12, 2009 2:59 am

Hi there,

I just started using SilverFast for my Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III.
I was scanning my Kodak Tri-X Black&White negative and chose the 16 Bit HDR Grayscale as the Scan Type. The preview shows the image as black and white, but when I proceed with the Scan, the result is an inverted image, not like the one in the preview.
Is it supposed to be like that?


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Re: 16 Bit HDR Grayscale resulting in inverted image

Postby President_LSI » Sun Jul 12, 2009 5:47 pm

Dear dshooter,

the concept of the HDR-format is to capture data with full Dynamic Range as is comes from the scanner. When you select NegaFix, you will see the image from a negative as positive in SilverFast's preview window. When you then select HDR-16bit Grayscale Format, SilverFast will save the file as it comes from your scanner as a 16 bit HDR Negative.
You can then any time later in SilverFast HDR comfortably and at fast speed convert your digital 16 bit Negative into a high quality Positive since SilverFast HDR has the same over 130 negative film profiles in NegaFix.

Ian Lyons' tutorials might give you more of the idea behind SF HDR!

All NegaFix functions and profiles are also there is SilverFast HDR. Try the demo and you will see the uniqueness of SF HDR regarding the advantage of speed and funtionality. The HDR Jobmanager is a productivity previously only found in high-end production systems.

If you want to get the positive image right away select under Scan Type: 16bit->8bit or 16bit HDR Grayscale .

best regards

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