Need Information about Microtek FilmScan35(Going to buy one)

All the problems with Microtek film scanners

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Need Information about Microtek FilmScan35(Going to buy one)

Postby Kian » Thu Apr 17, 2003 12:54 pm

Hi everybody.

I am writing from Turkey. I am going to buy the filmscan35 from Microtek but I can't find any review or a sample anywhere else in the web.

As your lot are using the product. Could you tell me about it. I am going to use it in hobby , scan all my negative to cd.

Are you happy with the result of the scanning. I would appreciate any information.

Thank you in advance.


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Postby LSI_Support » Thu Apr 17, 2003 4:21 pm

The safest way to get an impression is if you either let the seller demonstrate it to you or you agree on a try-out period for the scanner only. The software needn't to be unpacked, use the SilverFast demo software instead.

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Postby nmoss » Thu Apr 17, 2003 7:41 pm


I have the scanner you describe, except mine is marketed by Pacific Image Electronics (PIE) 1800 (u,s,p all the same) it is also sold by Scanace so you can find reviews under all of those brands. Here are two:

The first one is very complementary and the second very negative.

My experience has been good, though this is definitely a hobby scanner and would not survive long in a professional environment. Mechanically it is primitive and there are no refinements to the film holder or optics. The dynamic range is said to be pretty low but good software can compensate for this. The bundled software with the PIE version (Cyberview) is very inferior and may explain a lot of the poor reviews concerning scan quality that the unit generates.

There are still problems with this scanner and Silverfast. Scan quality is seriously affected by the negative position in the scan frame, especially at the ends of film strips. A yellow caste can show up down the side of the image in pale images with a blue content. Interestingly these were fixed in the late releases of SF version 5 but have reappeared in version 6.

If you treat it gently and don't beat on it to try and speed up scans, if you don't expect the quality you would get from a scanner costing thousands more, and if you realize that for $150 it's already in the toy price range, you will be happy (and probably end up spending more on the software than the scanner)


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