Microtek 120TF and 15 frame 120s

All the problems with Microtek film scanners

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Microtek 120tf
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Microtek 120TF and 15 frame 120s

Postby Misko78 » Tue May 23, 2017 3:38 pm

OK, this has been asked couple of time and nobody received any answer from LSI. 15 frame 120s 645 format can't be scanned in a easy way and you haven't provided any help. That piece of c**p software vu****n solved the problem, Microtek Scan wizard also.
If you shoot 15 frame 645 camera you have frame spacing for 6-9mm compared to 3mm frame spacing of 16 frame 645 camera. If you cut your film to 4 frames you'll get first frame properly aligned, second frame will fit sometimes but with 3rd and 4th frame i have to realign frame spacing. It makes the scanning a huge PITA. Can you find a solution to this problem. Give us a 15 frame spacing prf file at least so we could manually copy it to Perfs (preferences) folder nothing more.

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