Kodak Q60 target

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Kodak Q60 target

Postby hojphotography » Fri Sep 10, 2010 1:45 pm

Hi all, I was wondering how other people worked the IT8 target that came with the Microtek Artixscan 120tf, (i bought in 2003), That being the 35mm slide mounted Kodak Ektachrome Q60. The date written on the slide mount is 2002:05. How did you get it to work with Silverfast. Im going round and round in circles but not getting any further with what way to make the profile, what files to use etc..

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Re: Kodak Q60 target

Postby LSI_Morales » Wed Sep 15, 2010 10:13 am

Dear Joseph,

Appart from the target you (the program) need a reference file that corresponds to an IT8 target (or specific batch of targets). The reference file is provided by the target manufacturer, in your case Kodak.
You should also set SilverFast IT8 calibration to manual mode. A detailed description of how to do that can be found on our documentation (chapter 7) at: http://www.silverfast.com/documentation/en.html

I should mention, due to constant changes in physical photographic materials IT8 targets lose their accuracy and should be replaced by new targets every two or three years. Your target is 8 years old, probably you will not obtain a very accurate calibration using it.

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