SF 6 for Microtek ScanMaker III crashes Mac OSX 10.2

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Krista Maki
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SF 6 for Microtek ScanMaker III crashes Mac OSX 10.2

Postby Krista Maki » Tue Jul 22, 2003 11:09 pm

SilverFast 6 for Microtek Scanmaker III usually crashes the entire system in OS X 10.2.6. I could earlier scan small documents without crashing, but lately fail consistently. The G4 manages to post the "You must restart" message, prompting me to power down. (I use the automatic scan for OSX updates, so I am not sure at what point the situation worsened.)

SilverFast works in OS 9, but so does the support from Microtek.

The crash occurs almost immediately upon starting the final scan. The scanner light moves a fraction, and then crunch. Prescans work fine.

I have lots of RAM and free hard file space. Nothing but Photoshop and a few always-runing things were active.

ALSO: I tried to read several entries in the forums, but when I clicked on links, I was routed to a "not found" page.

Any thoughts or help?

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Postby LSI_Kratzenstein » Fri Jul 25, 2003 10:06 am

It could be, that there are timing problems with your SCSI cards. OS X don't have a good SCSI scanner support. The best type of SCSI cards are SCSI 2 / Fast SCSI cards. Ultra/UW/SCSI3 could cause big problems. Also the termination is very important, to get a clear signal from the scanner in high speeds. In prescan the data speed is not that high, so that could work in some cases, when the endscan doesn't work.

kind regards

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