Scanmaker V6UPL support for OSX?

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Scanmaker V6UPL support for OSX?

Postby richardhutchins » Fri Oct 03, 2003 7:13 pm

I cannot find a driver for the microtek scanmaker V6 UPL on OSX, & I hate having to run the scanner in classic mode, because I can't scan in photoshop that way. Anyone know a workaround or source for a driver? I hope this is a silly/easy question for someone here.... thanks

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Postby LSI_Kratzenstein » Tue Oct 07, 2003 11:44 am

The Scanmaker V6 USL is supported. Do you know what difference is between those scanners ? You could try to use the Demoversion of SilverFast for your scanner. In the SF_Logfile you could see the internal name for this scanner.

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