need support for X6 usb

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need support for X6 usb

Postby petermaz » Fri Oct 25, 2002 5:42 pm

Is there any way that support for the Microtek scanmaker X6 USB in Jaguar on my eMac will come along? I realize that it is a parellel scanner with a usb convertor, will you be supporting any of these type flatbeds?

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Strange behavior of SF and X6 USB...

Postby herbst » Fri Nov 01, 2002 1:26 pm

Why does not the driver and SilverFast work with the Microtek Scanmaker X6 USB fully??

I have installed the LE-version, SFE-6.0.1r20 (Microtek), om Mac OS X 10.2 and everything seems fine as I goto the stand-alone version. it finds the USB-scanner BUT when I hit Preview the scanner starts working but 2 seconds after it just stops, hanging there doing nothing. How can the software go the whole way and suddenly just stop when you want it to operate...The scanner reacts but stops...
Does this version of SilverFast support USB or not. and if not, how can it works but suddenly fail?


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