looks okay in RGB, but terrible in CMYK

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Postby ndesign » Sat Apr 27, 2002 2:58 am

I'm just trying out the demo of SilverFast. I am using the PS plug-in with PS 7 in OS X.1.4. When I scan an image, it looks fine on screen. I do my adjustments, then convert to CMYK and it looks totally washed out. Using my old ScanWizard software that came with my ScanMaker 4, I never had this happen. I'm sure it's me because I've not read the directions, but any suggestions? Thanks.

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Postby President_LSI » Thu May 30, 2002 9:38 am

SilverFast OS-X and CMYK looks washed out?

In order to analyse your problem please submit:

1. SilverFast LogFile
2. RGB and CMYK (as JPEG)
3. CMYK-ICC-Profile (or PS Separation table used)

For the conversion to CMYK you have to make sure the same separation table or ICC-profile you are using in SilverFast is also selected in Photoshop, otherwise Photoshop cannot properly display the CMYK-file.

The right table and the right CMM-Set-up is crucial for a good display!

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