How to Scan Glass Slides 84mm x 84mm

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How to Scan Glass Slides 84mm x 84mm

Postby kanga » Sun Jul 06, 2008 3:51 am

I have a Microtek Atixscan F1 scanner.

I want to scan a lot of old glass slides some are very old and from the Boer War period and I think some are hand painted.
I haven’t measured all of them as yet but the majority seem to be 84x84mm outside dimensions.

The holders that came with the scanners are:

4x5 inch Film Holders

6cm Film Holders

35mm Strip Holder

35mm Slide Holder
And the Full Glass Holder for big transparencies.

The first four in tha list seem to be unsuitable – maybe I am not doing something correctly.

A friend who is familiar with the Microtek i900 suggested I place the glass slides on a special transparency sheet on top of Full Glass Inset that slides into the scanner where the other holders go. This was a special type of transparency and was for protectingthe glass. I have a physical disability and would be instructing somebody else to position the slide.

Would this produce a good scan?
I have read the FAQ's on a Glass Slide search.
These sides seem about 1mm thick not having measured as yet.

Do you have a holder for these size glass slides? If not can you suggest an approach?
One suggestion was that I make a cardbnoard frame in black cardboard and cut out an area slightly too small for the glass slide and then tape the slide to the cardboard.

I have tried this and he can't help. He manufactures a lot of holders.

Which way would I scan the slides? With the emulsion face down and flip the image in Photoshop?

Regards, kanga

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Re: How to Scan Glass Slides 84mm x 84mm

Postby LSI_Muenier » Mon Jul 07, 2008 8:24 am

Dear Kanga,

maybe you could also ask Microtek about a special holder solution for their scanner.

Best regards

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Re: How to Scan Glass Slides 84mm x 84mm

Postby Modified Photo » Fri Aug 29, 2008 7:48 pm

I've scanned a number of large glass slides on several different machines (never on a Microtek however) and I simply position them on the glass and scan them with the Transparency Full Area mode. This may disable autofocus but that is the price to pay to scan something like that. I've had some difficulty scanning odd size transparency before with light "fringes" around the sides. I made some plastic borders out of thin black hobby plastic and place them around the frame to block excess light from the edges to bleed over into the scanned area.

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