How can you tell what film and speed for Negfix

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How can you tell what film and speed for Negfix

Postby kanga » Sun May 24, 2009 5:12 am

I am scanning some old B&W negatives with the F1. (size approx 90x60mm.) They were taken in the 1940's,50's,60's,70's.
I don't know the brand of film or speed they were shot at or an other details about them.

I know who took most of them. Some I can date because that information was written on the packets they are in.
The other dates are I can tell by the Subject Matter and knowledge of the time of the events.

Is cellulose nitrate and acetate the negative material?
Negfix doesn't appear to automatically sense these properties.
Can anyone please tell me the best method of find these details or is it not necessary?

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Re: How can you tell what film and speed for Negfix

Postby LSI_Muenier » Mon May 25, 2009 7:52 am

Dear Kanga,

please try to start with the general "Monochrome" NegaFix profile.
For B&W material the gradation correction in the profile is relevant, only.
You can customize it by editing the profile in the NegaFix' Curves panel,
where you can move the whole curve or drag individual points (pressing the
command key on Mac, e.g.)
This should lead you to an appropriate profile for your special B&W films.

Best regards

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