RFS3600 H/W Conflict with Zio Smartmedia reader

All the problems with Kodak film scanners

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Bill Wood
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Postby Bill Wood » Sat Dec 01, 2001 12:12 am

On installing Silverfast Ai 5.5 Or13 on my Dell Precision workstation 620 running Win2000, I found that I had to disconnect my Microtech Zio! USB Smartmedia reader/writer from my computer's USB port to prevent a Blue Screen "k-mode exception not handled" error and system crash.

If I leave the Zio Smartmedia reader connected to the USB bus while attempting to bring up Silverfast with the Kodak RFS 3600 scanner connected to my SCSI bus, I get a Blue Screen crash every time. With the Zio! disconnected, Silverfast runs fine. Since the SCSI bus is faster than my USB interface, I need to keep using it that way.


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Postby dhalbakken » Wed Jan 02, 2002 8:05 am

Yes, I had exactly the same experience. Seems as if Silverfast or its USB driver wants to think it's the only USB device.

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Postby LSI_Support » Mon Mar 04, 2002 4:55 pm

Dear both,
could it be that the smartmedia reader is causing the problem, not SilverFast?
Did you try installing just the Kodak scan software with that Smartmedia reader connected?
Does Kodak scan software run o.k. then?
If not, the smartmedia reader is the guilty peripheral.

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