Kodak 3600 - Scanning frames in middle of strip

All the problems with Kodak film scanners

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Postby cavebat » Sat Dec 22, 2001 3:49 am

Firmware 1.3 - Am unable to scan anything but first frame. I do an overview...it does a prescan on all frames in strip and displays them in the overview window.

I click on the frame that I want to display in the pre-scan window....it is highlighted. When I click on Ok, the help line says that a prescan will be done...nothing happens.

If I click on pre-scan or scan-RGB, the scanner backs the strip up to frame 1 and scans frame 1.

I have tried everything and have not found the secret. Any suggestions?

Binghamton, NY

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Postby President_LSI » Fri Jan 18, 2002 8:30 pm

Please get the update 5.5.1 from our web site (Downloads)

https://www.silverfast.com/silverfast/up ... ex-en.html

If the problem is still there, please report back to support@silverfast.de.

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