SF 8 SE Plus won't install on Windows 10 PC

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SF 8 SE Plus won't install on Windows 10 PC

Postby DaveStroem » Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:56 pm

I recently purchased an Epson V850 scanner that came bundled with SF 8 SE Plus. When I tried to install the software from the disk on my windows 10 PC, it shows a small box saying that it is unpacking the set-up file. When it gets to 100% the box goes away and nothing happens. When I check Task Manager, it shows the SF Installer there with between 24 & 30% of CPU usage. I tried to let it run for quite a while hoping that it was just slowly loading but after 20 minutes I ended the task in Task Manager.

I think there is some conflict between my PC and the software as I was able to get it to set up on a different PC. I have tried rebooting, turning off antivirus and firewalls. I have also downloaded the latest version from the LSI website. None of these have worked.

I don't know what else to try. Any suggestions?


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Re: SF 8 SE Plus won't install on Windows 10 PC

Postby LSI_Ketelhohn » Tue Oct 04, 2016 3:47 pm

Dear Dave,

please try installing the latest update from our website. Our updates are always full installation files.

Kind regards,

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