SF 8 not detecting scanner Win 10

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SF 8 not detecting scanner Win 10

Postby old_eyes » Tue Sep 19, 2017 1:35 pm

I have been using a PlusTek 8200i with SilverFast 8 for scanning slides. This has now stopped working (possibly after Windows 10 updates).

I have made sure I have the latest drivers from PlusTek, and the latest version of SIlverFast 8 (8.8.0 r10), but SF* does not detect the scanner.

Scanner shows up correctly in Device Manager, and I can scan using Windows Photo and the PlusTek Quickscan utility.

Message in Launcher is:
"SilverFast was not able to detect any scanner supported by your installed scan module.

Please make sure your scanner is connected and turned on.
When using USB make sure the scanner is connected directly.
Do not use an USB-hub or USB-extension.
Please make sure that your scanner is shown in the Windows device manager, without any warnings.
In case it is not present, please check the cable connection.

For further information, please visit our support system."

I have changed cables and made sure that the scanner is plugged into the PC directly, but the scanner is still not seen.

I also have an HP flatbed scanner attached via USB, which shows up in Device Manager, but is also not recognised by SF8. However, I have never used the HP with SF8 so don't know if it was ever recognised.

Any suggestions on next steps?

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Re: SF 8 not detecting scanner Win 10

Postby LSI_Ketelhohn » Mon Sep 25, 2017 1:44 pm

Dear user,

In case you have more then one scanner installed make sure all SilverFast versions have been updated.

All Windows updates need to be full installed. Some updates disable components which SilverFast requires and those are only available again after all updates are finished.

Try disabling the QuickScan tool through the icon in the Windows task bar. It sometimes blocks access to the scanner.

If that does not help please contact our Support. For example through the Windows Help menu.

Kind regards,

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