G4050 6 color scanning

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G4050 6 color scanning

Postby Yui » Mon Jul 21, 2008 10:25 am


I have question regarding the support of the 6 color scanning in SilverFast Ai

Having a lot of problems with HP software provided for G4050 I am investigating the other available options
I understand that SilverFast is currently not supporting the hardware IR dist removal option but the 6 colors scanning is supported according to the SF descriptions.

I see the [6] button on the SF Ai pannel. Whan I press it it changes the color from Gray to Colorred and back on the second click

Regarding the 6 colors I understand that G4050 has two lamps with shifted spectrum so the 6 colors scan is composition of two passes each with the own lamp.

When I scan with HP software I see the two scanning passes in case of 6 colors option is turned On. If I turn On the IR dust removal in addition the scanner makes 3 passes (2 for Colors + 1 for IR). It could be seen clearly with the HP software.

I make few tests using the SF Ai demo for negative film. I scanned the same picture with Gray [6] (Off?) and with Colored [6] (On?) options and the same resolutions.

The first unexpected thing was that for the both cases it was only one pass for each scan. I expected the Gray [6] would be with 1 pass but the Colored [6] would have two passes. But it was not!

The size of the both scans are the same as it was expected. I also do not see the difference between the results.

So my question is - does anybody have the information how the 6 colors scanning is supported in SilverFast 6.6? If couldn't be the same way as in HP software because I see only 1 pass in SF but if it is implemented differently what is the 6 colors scan in SF for G4050?

Thank you


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Re: G4050 6 color scanning

Postby LSI_Luebker » Tue Jul 22, 2008 8:53 am

Dear Yui,

you are right we will also do 2 atcual scans of the image, so if you click the greyed out 6 and it turns collored you should initiate a 6 color scan with the next click on the "Scan" button. However if SilverFast does not perfome 2 scans it could be that the HP Driver you installed is not up to date.

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Thomas Lübker
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best regards,

Thomas Luebker,
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