After a scan the phote is not displayed in photoshop

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After a scan the phote is not displayed in photoshop

Postby KKBln » Fri Jun 11, 2004 11:55 am

Scanner HP 6300c
Windowa XP
Silverfast V 6.2.1r4

When a photo is scanned, SF saves it to a file, although in the Options the field "show the picture when the scan is done" is activated.

What can I do?

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Postby LSI_Noack » Sat Jun 12, 2004 2:48 pm

Dear KKBln

you probably want to scan the file directly into your graphics manipulation application (e.g. Photoshop). Please find the general tab in the scan control window (smaller window on the left hand side).
There you want to change the scan mode from "Normal(File)" or Batch(File)" (SilverFast Ai only) to "Normal" or "Batch".

Please note that these modes are only available if SilverFast had been called from within the graphics app (e.g. from the "File" -> "Import" menu of Photoshop).

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Postby carlbutler » Tue Jun 29, 2004 3:37 am

Thanks for the tip on getting my scans into Photoshop again..
After upgrading to 6.2.0r8 I lost that option.. I have been scanning to file until I spotted this post from LSI tech.
I DO notice, however, that on the control panel, I no longer see the Image Type button change to anything other than Standard. The Landscape, Skin tones, etc seem to apply their changes to the preview, but the button always reverts to (shows) Standard.
I believe that this started after upgrading to OS X 10.3.4

I am using a HP Scanjet 4c with a Transparency Adapter and Silverfast-SE 6.2.0r8.

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