Windows Vista Bus 32 bit

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Windows Vista Bus 32 bit

Postby JFF » Thu Sep 04, 2008 12:12 am

I have a Windows Vista Business, 32bit install with an Epson V750 scanner. i have never been able to use the software. It has not worked correctly once, that's not once, over the almost 12 months now that I've had it...

It's always the same problems; it just crashes, or if the software ever does attempt a prescan, it fails on the real scan. Most of the time the software can't even find the scanner. I'm really tired of this. Reinstalling, upgrading to 6.4.5r7 (or whatever the most advanced version for the 750 is) does nothing.

Has anyone, EVER, been able to use this stuff with Vista Business???

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Re: Windows Vista Bus 32 bit

Postby LSI_Luebker » Thu Sep 04, 2008 9:50 am

Dear JFF,

SilverFast for the Epson V750 is ready for Vista with version 6.5.0r4 and higher.
So we provide Vista support for quite a while now.

Please check out the Demo Version for SilveFast 6.6 and you will see it is working without any problems.
The Upgrade to 6.6 gives you many enhancemts in addition to the Vista support like :

the stunning dynamic range increasing Multi-Exposure ... re/en.html

the incredible easy to use AutoIT8 Calibration

and the brand new Printer Calibration for profiling Printer ... on/en.html

I hope you will enjoy testing the Demo Version of SilverFast 6.6

best regards,

Thomas Lübker,
LaserSoft Imaging AG
best regards,

Thomas Luebker,
LaserSoft Imaging AG

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