epson 4180 photo with sf ai plus vista32?

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epson 4180 photo with sf ai plus vista32?

Postby antoine.brisebard » Wed Mar 19, 2008 1:01 am

i still wonder why there is no support for sf ai working with epson 4180 photo and vista32?
vista 32 drivers for that scanner are out since 15 months - do i have to wait for another -costly- update to get support for a widespread epson scanner?
i will never ever buy any software related to that company - thx.

walter zabel

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Postby LSI_Rossee » Tue Apr 22, 2008 8:46 am

Dear Walter.

Thanks for your kind input and sharing your opinion with us. Pls allow me to explain. Frankly we don´t just take the vendors drivers put a new GUI on top, add a price tag and wait for that popular $ound: "katsching".

Just kidding, Walter. Seriously when a new OS (yes you are right Vista is not new and has been available to us a developer prerelease but it´s for the sake of my reasoning) is released we are challenged with complex technical issues from the development side. We do have access to individual "interfaces" for implementation and some require less coding "horsepower" than others.
Eventually we will make a Vista32 compatible version available for every scanner we support, if technically possible. To my knowledge that's the case for the 4180 as well, but we have seen greater demand coming from even more popular models on our radar. Now, we may have been wrong with that decision so it´s a good thing that you posted in here to let us know.

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