Kodak Ektar 100 profile has a problem

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Kodak Ektar 100 profile has a problem

Postby Davidzhao » Fri Dec 25, 2015 8:30 am

I use silverfast SE PLUS ver 8.8 for Nikon LS-50.I find a problem when I scan Kodak Ektar 100 135 .I select the profile of Kodak Ektar 100 ,but the result of scan is about 3-stop over exposure than normal.I must adjust the exposue to -3 stop to get a normal result every time.Meanwhile, other films such as kodak portra 160 , fuji superia 200 , agfa vista 200 can be scanned quite well without changing the exposure.This problem exists in every version of silverfast SE Plus .How can I solve this problem? Thanks.

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Re: Kodak Ektar 100 profile has a problem

Postby LSI_Ketelhohn » Tue Dec 29, 2015 2:46 pm

Dear customer,

I have not heard about such an issue before.
Have you also tried adjusting the tolerance slider?
With an Ai Studio you could adjust the profile for your film but with the SE Plus you will have to simply scan with the adjusted exposure setting.

Kind regards,
Arne Ketelhohn.

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Re: Kodak Ektar 100 profile has a problem

Postby km4jon » Mon Feb 15, 2016 3:19 pm

Hello, I have experienced the exact problem with Ektar 100. I use SF Ai v8.8 on a Mac 10.11.3 on two diff scanners... Epson v750 and Plustek 8200ai. Way over exposed. Using the exposure and tolerance sliders can barely fix when they are maxxed out. BTW,,, same results on 35mm and MF 6X6. Thanks, John

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Re: Kodak Ektar 100 profile has a problem

Postby userleica » Fri Apr 15, 2016 11:50 am

I have this problem with profile Ektar 100 too. I must exposure -3 stop will be ok.

I use NIKON ls-50

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