Batch Scanning not working.

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Batch Scanning not working.

Postby nosaj01 » Mon Mar 15, 2004 8:03 pm

Ever since upgrading to OS 10.3.x I havn't been able to batch scan correctly. It scans every other one and errors on the inbetween images. "Error in Scan Start"

I have also installed the latest update SFE-6.2.0r7(LinoPro) before writing this which made no difference.

Scanning one image at a time is really sucking.
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Postby LSI_Noack » Tue Mar 16, 2004 10:47 am

Dear nosaj01

SCSI troubles with Panther are not an uncommon occurence. Please make sure you have at least upgraded to OS X 10.3.1.

You might want to try another free SCSI ID. With most SCSI scanners who are able to select the SCSI ID used on the back side (where you plug in the power cord).
After a necessary reboot of both, scanner and computer system, please check if SCSI controller card and scanner are shown in the Apple System Profiler (if on a Mac System) or displayed in the device manager and in the control panel (under "Scanners and cameras", if on a Windows PC) as being corrected installed and having no conflicts with other devices.

With Adaptec cards it sometimes had helped to install the drivers from Adaptec for OS X, even though it had been claimed there aren't necessary with Panther.
You will find these at: ... riverindex
Look for "SCSI for Macintosh" and "SCSI for Powerbooks".

However, if the problem persists, please don't hesitate to contact LaserSoft Imaging support staff:
I would appreciate if you could paste a fresh copy of the SF_Logfile in the problem report.
Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

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