1450: comparison of Silverfast with Linotype software output

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1450: comparison of Silverfast with Linotype software output

Postby rjc » Fri Apr 04, 2003 5:22 pm

i have been trying out Silverfast with my 1450 firewire in OSX in last few days, and decided to do a straight photo test comparison with a scan done with my old linotype software working in 9.2.2. Guess what, the silverfast has not produced quite as nice a result! Despite a lot of tweaking with the Silverfast controls, the colours produced by my printer look a little flat and muted! Maybe one loses something by not going through Twain; i don't know. It is frustrating and a little dissapointing, and after all we are only considering the change from the old software because of the pain of going back into 9.2.2 to do a scan.
I just hoped Silverfast would have been a bigger jump forward; instead it has created a hesitation in me making the purchase. I agree that the controls seem more extensive than linotype's, though with the latter I did not need so many or to mess around so much because the first results were usually good enough.
Any thoughts from the tech gurus as to whether this is a feature of your software that i have to accept, or is practice going to make things better? There may be something you could copy from Linotype to further refine your own product in the future. robert

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Postby LSI_Sperling_old » Mon Apr 07, 2003 3:21 pm

Dear Robert -
SilverFast has a lot of possibilities. Please check the ColorManagement settings of Photoshop and SilverFast ( General >> Options >> CMS )- they have to be equal and check the printer settings in Photoshop too. sRGB is not the correct colour space for printing. Adobe RGB or CMYK is better.
It needs a good understanding of ColorManagement, to recieve the same colours with your printer as you see at your screen - with a deeper understanding you will get what you want.

with regards


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Postby LSI_Belli » Thu Apr 10, 2003 8:29 am

Dear Robert,

we do not guarantee the quality of the colours when using a TWAIN module. Please try the Photoshop plug-in, with the SF_App if necessary. Check also your colour management settings. If the results are still not like you expect them to be, or if you are still unsatisfied, please send us a more precise report (maybe with some screenshots) at support@silverfast.de so that we can check the problem.



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